Not receiving documents as attachments

May I please check why I am getting the attachments as links in contact form. I have added an area where files can be dropped, but for some reason it is showing as links not actual attachments. Thank you.

Hi Sharath and welcome to the forum!

I need to say that in the latest update we did reconsider the way the attachments display in your report. We set them to be displayed as links on purpose, cuz now you see which field each attachment belongs to.

I’m afraid this feature is set by default and there is no option to change it.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I could do for you :pray:t2:

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You should probably update this post with any other changes. Include the “OK” button going away on the confirmation screen.

Is this true with the Form Builder too?

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Hi Hugh and thanks a lot for the notice! I’ve just included the info about the attachments displaying as links.

As for the “OK” button, do you mean that you don’t see in the “Thank You” message?

Yes, this was taken away with the last update.

I’m afraid this might have been a bug, as we did not remove the OK button. I’ve just checked your widget and the button was there:


Could you please check it out one more time and let me know if the issue still persists?

I had a conversation with support about this:

June 11 I was told:

It would be fantastic if it was fixed but I have not been informed about it. I have seen some test forms come through, maybe that is what they were testing?

I just tested, the ok button is back!

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Hugh, it’s awesome that the button works fine now!

I have to apologize for the misinformation – we did take away the OK button, but then we brought it back due to a lot of requests :slight_smile:

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Hugh, if you could share your feedback regarding the update on Contact Form below this post, I would be extremely grateful :slight_smile:

You know, it could really help us understand what we did right and what could have done better.

Thank you!