Modifying a WIX store template - introducing a second price into the buy box panel

Hello, I would like to implement a feature that shows the lowest price that was applicable to a given product in the 30 days prior to a price reduction (in compliance with the latest regulations). I am looking for someone who could write such an application or make such a modification to my store.

My website on Wix looks like this, and currently, it’s a very simple solution where I manually enter the old price in the description:łóżko-dziecięce-domek-cot-160x80-cm-sosna-biały-mat

I would like this text “Lowest price from the last 30 days prior to the reduction: 699zł” to be displayed in a small font within the buy box, below the actual price. Ideally, the price should be automatically set there every time we activate a promotion, so we don’t have to enter it manually.

Best regards,
Wojciech Mazurkiewicz

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Hi @Wojciech_Mazurkiewic, happy to welcome you to our community!

Your use case seems quite unique, and I’m afraid we don’t currently have a widget that could help bring your idea to life :frowning:

We however have 80+ functional widgets, maybe you’ll find something useful for your website too: Widget catalog.

And we’re always here should any questions come up :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for your answer! Is it possible to prepare such kind of widget ?

regards, Wojciech Mazurkiewicz

Hi Wojciech, I’m afraid we don’t build custom widgets by request, I’m very sorry :frowning:

All I can do at the moment is to move your request to our Wishlist, and maybe our devs will take it under consideration.