🎉 Major Update for Instagram Feed! Testimonials Slider and Slider widgets were updated, too

Hello-hello! :wave:t2:

We’re opening this category with the first extended update, where we’ll show what’s been done for Instagram Feed, Testimonials Slider, and Slider widgets.

Instagram Feed

New :

  • An option to display header: profile name, number of posts, followers, and following.

This option gets available in case of only one account is set as a source in a widget.

You will find an option to enable header in Layout tab → Header. And you can also change colors on Colors tab :

  • An option to auto set the number of columns and rows in accordance with the widget’s width. For new widgets, this option is set by default, but you’re always welcome to customize everything manually, if needed:


:exclamation:These changes work only for widgets with an option to set a source manually:


Testimonials Slider

Bugfix: Hide button was visible with Full text Display option enabled:


New: Images from Media get automatically added to thumbnails. Previously, if the background images were not uploaded, thumbnails remained empty:

Please let me know if you have any questions left, I’ll be happy to advise :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a great Friday!