Instagram Feed Widget

Today I learned from one of my customers that his Instagram Feed was no longer working correctly. When I looked at the parameters, I noticed that the a new column width feature had been added to give you options of Auto or Manual.

The problem is that I had no knowledge that this change had occurred and affected all the Instagram Feeds I had for myself and my customers. So today I had to either create new widgets or edit the widgets to manual so I could setup the number of columns I wanted.

My issue is not that this change in options was made, but that I was not aware of it. It seems to me that if you are going to make changes that will effect the current way the widget is displaying on websites, then you should send out a mass email to us customers so we can be aware of the changes and have time to edit the widgets so it does not negatively affect our websites and that of our customers.

We’re so very sorry to hear about this experience!

It’s true that we’ve released the update for Instagram Feed app, but your current settings should not have been overwritten, and we’re truly sorry that it happened.

We’ve already fixed this issue, so in case you didn’t manage and save your widgets, your previous settings should be back now.

I’ve also sent you a direct message to make sure that everything’s fine on your end now.

Thanks a lot for the heads-up, we were able to resolve the issue thanks to your post!

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