Instagram Widget - Project Closed!

Today we’ve got important, a bit sad but all the same exciting news — our Instagram Widget project is now closed. It was our very first cloud product, which is, although close to our hearts, now became a closed chapter.

If you’re a current user of Instagram Widget — worry not, all your widgets and their data have been safely transferred to our flagship bestseller — Instagram Feed.

Instagram Feed has the entire functionality of Instagram Widget , plus a bunch of more powerful features:

  • Open photos and videos in popup directly on your website
  • Reels and IGTV support
  • 2 post template options
  • 2 feed layout options (Slider and Grid)
  • Automatic and manual post grid setup
  • Buttons customization to perform desired actions directly from the feed
  • Content filter options
  • 11 color schemes
  • And many more

As for your widgets, we have seamlessly upgraded them and adapted their settings, so there is no need to reinstall them on your website.

However, there are slight differences between Instagram Feed and Instagram Widget in terms of appearance, so please be kindly advised to check your widgets just in case.

If you have any feedback to leave or any questions to ask, please feel welcome to do so below this post :slightly_smiling_face:

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