Logo Showcase: Bulk upload

Hello guys :wave:

A long-awaited feature is available now :tada: Bulk upload has been added to our Logo Showcase widget. Now you can upload a lot of icons at once.

We rely on your feedback regarding this feature. Your opinion is always important to us :heart:


Oh this is great! Looking forward to have the same implementation on the gallery & portfolio widgets as well. Gracias

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Hey @Lesan!

Thanks a bunch for your kind feedback :heart_eyes:

I am glad to tell you that this feature has been released for our Photo Gallery app. You can find the details here.

As for the Portfolio bulk upload, we have such a request in our Wishlist. Please vote for this feature to get a notification upon its release - Bulk / Batch Upload of Media Files in Portfolio and in general to all widgets

Have a great day :wink:

Dear Max,

thanks for updating the community on the Bulk Upload feature…

Won’t it be possible for your dev team to bypass the voting to implement the Batch feature on Portfolios? Isn’t the coding pretty similar to the Photo widget?

Could you be so kind and submit the suggestion to the team…? I assume this would create a great feeling amongst all your users and remove friction or increase satisfaction.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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Hello @Ron4 Ron :wave:

Thank you for your feedback :heart:

I totally understand your feelings and agree that this feature would be really useful.

If I understand you correctly, you’d like to have bulk upload for the images inside the project, but not for the projects. Am I right?

I’ve discussed the matter with our dev team. To release this feature for Portfolio app is a bit more complicated than in Photo Gallery because the images are inside the projects.

So, unfortunately, we cannot name the exact release dates for this feature. I am deeply sorry :pensive:

However, we’ll move heaven and earth to find a solution as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding :pray:

Have a great day!

Hi Max!

Thank you for getting back to me and actually taking the thought into consideration.

Let’s hope the dev team can do some magic…

Best regards and have a nice weekend,


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