Limiting Form Submissions

Is it possible to limit the number of submissions a form accepts, specifically the form builder widget? My client wants to host a form (rather than using Google Forms) for a school supply giveaway, but they can only have 60 reservations.

Thanks in advance for any insight!


Hi Lily, and thanks for your suggestion. This would be a good idea for those who only have a limited number to give away or sell, and the form would inform them when that limit is hit. Like in my golf website, if I was putting on an event with a max of 60 participants, the form would stop at 60. Let’s see what the staff says. They’re pretty good at this stuff.


Hi @Lily_Gamble :wave:

Our dev team will be delighted to customize the widget for you! Could you just send me a direct link to the page where your widget is installed or specify widget id?

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That would be so awesome! The widget id is 973079c4-d533-4ed3-939b-ffc164d2ace5


I’ve forwarded your request to our devs! We’ll keep you abreast of updates here :wink:

@Lily_Gamble Our dev team has taken a thorough look and confirmed, unfortunately, that there isn’t currently an option to set a limited number of submissions for the widget/

I am genuinely sorry for all the confusion caused :pensive:

I absolutely agree that this functionality would be a great addition to our app. Would you mind sharing your idea in our Wishlist? We’ll work towards including your proposal in our future updates.