Issues with widgets loading

Hi everybody
I don’t know if this concerns only me, but for several days, the widgets take a long time to load (several seconds, average 6 seconds). This is the case for every widgets, on any websites. Is it being resolved?
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Hi @O11! Happy to see you in our Community! Welcome :tada:

I am so sorry about this inconvenience!

To make the widget appear faster, you can remove the defer attribute from the widget installation code, which makes the widget load only after all other content on the page is loaded. Here’s what the code will look like:

<script src=""></script> <div class="elfsight-app-WIDGET-ID"></div>

Another way of making the widget load simultaneously is changing the defer attribute to async . Here is the code:

<script src="" async></script> <div class="elfsight-app-WIDGET-ID"></div>

Please replace WIDGET_ID in the codes above with the ID of your own widget and install it on your website.

Could you please check it and let me know if it helped?

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Hi Max.

Thanks for your help!

I removed the “defer” attribute. It seems to be faster. I’ll do several checks and will let you know.

Best regards.

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You are always welcome :raised_hands:

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You can try to install your script line to head.

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Hi @user2625 :wave:

We are so grateful for your comment!

You are absolutely right and we have already moved the code to the head.

Many thanks for your participation and welcome to Elfsight Community :heart:

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