Calendar overlaying on our other text on homepage of website

We are having an issue with the calendar overlaying on our other content on our homepage. Is there html code we can use to change this? We tried specifying height with code too, and it is not changing the height. Once we get this to work we are going to use the paid version. Also, it does take several seconds to load.
Here is the code we tried:


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H i there @cbrown77 :wave:

Could you please share a direct link to the webpage where your widget is installed?

I’ll be happy to look into this for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, here it is:

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Thank you!

The issue is fixed. Check your webpage and let me know if the widget works fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you we were able to close a div on our end too and now it loads correctly. Is there any way to fix the slow load time? Also, is there a way to offer a printable version of this calendar? Like add a button for customers to click and then it opens in a printable layout.

Sure, to make the widget appear faster on the page, you can remove the defer attribute from the widget installation code, which makes the widget load only after all other content on the page is loaded. Here’s what the code will look like:

<script src="" data-use-service-core></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-WIDGET-ID"></div>

Another way of making the widget load simultaneously is changing the defer attribute to async . Here is the code:

<script src="" data-use-service-core async></script>
<div class="elfsight-app-WIDGET-ID"></div>

Please replace WIDGET_ID in the codes above with the ID of your own widget and install it on your website.

As for the printable version, there is no option to add this functionality now. However, we have such a request in our Wishlist. If this request gets more votes, we’ll gladly consider this opportunity in our future updates :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, this did not seem to change the load time. If there are any other suggestions we are open to it! We did also notice this calendar does not load on Mozilla Firefox. Is that a widespread issue you know about? It loads fine on Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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@cbrown77 I’ve checked your website on Mozilla Firefox and everything is working fine:

If you are still having this issue, please share a screenshot of the Developer Console.

This article explains how you can do that - How to take a screenshot of the Developer Console.

As for the loading speed, I’ll discuss it with our devs and will get back to you a bit later :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for waiting @cbrown77

We’ve checked your website and the widget takes just 2-3 second to appear on our side.

There are only 2 workarounds in this case:

  1. improve the loader

  2. make the website content appear only after the widget is loaded

Please let me know which way you’d like to proceed and we’ll gladly help :slightly_smiling_face: