Is Instagram slider full width?

I have a business Instagram account that is displaying one row and auto width. My goal is to make it 0 margin left/right/bottom for all devices. On desktop it leaves spaces on all three sides. Mobile it removes left/right. I can make the bottom margin adjustment, but on desktop the widget will not go full width (adding more photos). The only change I can make is that it is 0 margin left aligned.

Isn’t this a true full-width widget?

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Hello @Bettie and we are happy that you’ve become a part of our fast-growing community! Welcome :tada:

I am deeply sorry that you are facing difficulties using our app :pensive:

I’ll be happy to help and check everything for you! Could you please provide me with a direct link to the webpage where the widget is installed?

Happy to report that it worked - I had to use Divi’s fullwidth code module to add it. It worked!

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Hello @Bettie!

I am delighted to hear that you are good now!

If any other questions come up, please do not hesitate to contact us :blush: