Instagram Testimonials is not loading

Instagram Testimonials is not loading.
I’ve inserted the right posts, but it won’t load.
The loading circle spins and that’s it. It’s been hours, but nothing shows up.
Neither on the site, nor in the personal account.
What can be the problem?

Hi @user503, I’m really sorry about this issue!

I’ve already forwarded your request to our developers so that they find out what’s going wrong, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have an update from them :pray:t2:

My apologies for the inconvenience caused!

thank you. i’m waiting for your answer

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Do you have some news for me?

@user503 yes, our developers have started working on this issue and already tried one solution. It worked partly, so they are trying to enhance it and make it a solid fix.

I’ll keep you posted on how things are going on :slight_smile:

@user503, I’m happy to say that the issue is fixed :slight_smile:

Could you please check your widget and let me know if everything’s fine?

Thank you very much for your promptness in communicating.

  1. After this review - the other reviews are not displayed. Attaching screenshots

Second question: Why is -1 displayed? What is it? Screenshots attached - I haven’t checked everything - because the other reviews are still not displayed

Hmm, this is weird indeed…my apologies that the solution worked only partly!

We’ll have another go, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have news :pray:t2:

Hi @user503, I’m coming with an update :slight_smile:

  • Regarding the posts which are not displayed, I’ve checked such reviews and, unfortunately, didn’t find them on Instagram. Such posts return this error:

These posts no longer exist, so the only option is to remove them from your widget.

  • As for the negative number of likes, our developers are working in this issue, and I’ll get back to here with news as soon as I hear from the devs :raised_hands:t2:

Good afternoon. Removed the links from the widget that didn’t open. BUT I have checked these links and they all open. I’m attaching them for you here.

Thanks a lot for the links provided!

I’ve checked them all and I still see the same error:

You know, if these posts are published in private accounts, they will not work in the widget. Such posts have to be published in public accounts, otherwise our widget just cannot reach them.

Could it be the reason for the issue?

I also added links to the top put up. These are 100% public accounts. Especially some of this account’s posts are reflected in the widget and some are not. And the second account doesn’t show any links at all in the widget - so I had to remove them, but they should be in this widget, we need these reviews

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Hi, thanks a lot for the info!

The good news is that the issue with the negative number of likes is fixed, so everything should be displayed correctly now.

As for the links which do not work in the widget, I see that the format itself of these links is different, these links are longer.

For us to understand the issue better, could you please send me a video screencast of what you see when you open one of the link that doesn’t work in the widget? It might help us understand what’s going wrong.

Thank you!

Thank you. About the likes minus 1, now it is 0, this information is not correct because these reviews have likes, but they are not displayed

are the posts that are not displayed

Hi @user503, thanks a lot for all the info provided!

I’ve forwarded all the info to our devs so that they can investigate the issue further. I’ll keep you posted here :raised_hands:t2:

Hi and thank you for your patience!

I’ve got an update from the developers regarding the likes numbers: Instagram has recently released a feature to hide a number of likes on your posts. We’ve rolled an update that helps our widget recognize the hidden likes and not to display any number at all. This way, if likes are hidden in a post, they are hidden in the widget as well.

As for the links that don’t work in the widget, I’m afraid the issue is in the accounts’ privacy settings, since no one from our team was able to open them, unfortunately. I guess these posts are also hidden from public view, that’s why they don’t get opened for us.

To check this theory, could you please log out from your Instagram account and try to open these links? I wonder if they will open for you this time.