Social Feeds not Working

Both my Social Feed widgets have stopped publishing - other widgets like All-in-One Reviews all fine.

What’s up Elfsight Support?

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Greetings @user3369 and welcome to Community :wave:

Please accept my sincere apologies about the issue!

Could you please send me a direct link to the webpages where your Social Feed widgets are installed? and

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I’ve checked your websites and both widgets are displayed:

However, I see that Instagram posts aren’t displayed due to the following issue:

Please try to reconnect your Instagram account and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Max but I think this is a change in behaviour between Chrome and Safari then - where it still doesn’t work having address Instagram.

Has anything changed recently on either Safari or Elfsight - as the feeds have historically worked on Safari?

I’ve checked your websites on Safari and everything is the same, feeds are displayed without Instagram posts.

Could you please specify whether you’ve tried to reconnect your Instagram account?