Issues with Instagram Feed

My instagram profile photo is not loading neither in the widget dashboard here at elf sight, or my website, I have contact you via email several times with no reply, ( it was working just fine for months now ), and it’s obvious that the problem is from elf sight not from my website because even here I’m unable at the preview to see my profile picture. Can you please contact me or reply back to my email at least!

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Hi @Wedoby, I’m so very sorry to hear that you have issues with our widget!

Unfortunately, our Support Team is getting an unusual amount of emails, hence the delay. But we’re doing everything possible to get back to everyone as soon as possible :pray:t2:

I’ll check your widget with the developers and get back to you with the solution. I’ll do my best to speed up the process and provide a fix shortly.

I would appreciate it a lot, as my client wanna go live with his website and now everything has been paused.

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I totally understand! I’m going to take care of this request personally, and I’ll keep you updated here :raised_hands:t2:

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

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@Wedoby I’m happy to say that the issue with the profile picture is fixed!

Could you please clear the cache, check your widget and let me know if it works correctly on your end, too?

Yes It’s working fine now, Thank you for your prompt response. Appreciate it.
Keep up the good work guys!!!

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Thanks a lot for the update and for your kind words! :heart_eyes:

We’ll try our hardest to provide the best service possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Helga, Help needed… Again there’s a problem with instagram feed, It’s been for it now not working over 2 days.

Hi @Wedoby, sure thing, I’m here to save you!

You know, I’ve checked your widget and it seems it works just fine for me:

Could you please elaborate on what exactly is wrong?

Hello Helga, as usual thanks for the fast reply! I’m talking about the post, they are outdated 2 days ago, and if you go to the client instagram page you will see that they have posted two more posts/images in the this 2 days last one, 1 hour ago.

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One moment, I’m going to have a closer look! :raised_hands:t2:

My apologies for the long wait this time!

With the way our widget works, it uses a 46-hour cache. This means that all new posts will get displayed in your widget within this time.

I see that the posts in question were published 1 day (around 12 hours) and 2 hours ago, that’s why they are not shown in the widget yet.

Please let me know if it helped :slight_smile: