No response from support, instagram feed widget consistently broken

Have had issues with accounts not working then working and just general inconsistencies in the performance of the widget. When I first contacted support they suggested I was using an old widget and I would have to delete all the ones on I had and recreate them. After refusing to do that they “updated” my widgets and they appeared to be working again.

I have added a few more feeds to my site and even upgraded my plan to keep up with the views. My question is if the feed isn’t loading and it counts as a view what am I paying for? I have contacted support with several tickets over the past days and I have yet to receive a response. All I get is a generic “we are busy and will be with you soon” reply.

I took a break from searching for an alternative supplier for my widget that has a support phone number to type this out. I hope it helps someone else.

Dear Aaron,

I cannot apologize enough that you had to have such an unfavourable experience with our Instagram Feed widget and service. Although I totally understand your frustration, I’ll try to explain things.

You see, it’s true that we’ve been struggling with making our Instagram Feed a stable widget, as a lot of technical difficulties still complicate things big time. We keep fighting for it, thus we are trying different approaches, eliminating issues on the go if anything comes up. We’re doing everything in our power to make it as smooth a process as possible, and our Support Team is trying their hardest to assist you if any help needed.

I have to admit that these days we’re receiving an unusual amount of requests, thus the response time has increased. We’re extremely sorry about it, and we’re making every endeavour to provide as prompt help as possible. We’re already thinking on more efficient workflows so that all our customers get assistance shortly.

I’ve also checked your website and your Instagram Feed, and it seems all of them are working correctly now. Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing issues? I’ll be very happy to assist you and provide the best solution possible.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the whole situation one more time :pray:t2: