Infinite Video with background music playlist

Hello I want to offer an idea for a new widget : video with music, only the video lasts about a minute and is repeated constantly and the music plays against the background and is not interrupted when the video starts anew. There are similar channels in Youtube where music plays for hours, and the video is constantly repeated, but in this case the widget will be integrated into the website. An example below: YouTube = 5yx6BWlEVcY I really hope that you evaluate the idea and apply it! Sincerely Konstantin

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Hi Konstantin,

Thanks a lot for submitting this idea, it does sound interesting!

We are trying our best to consider all requests you share with us and I do hope we will be able to release this very widget one day.

And yes, if you come up with any other ideas or details, please feel free to write them here in the comments - it will be a huge help for our dev team :slight_smile:

Thank you!