Include images from any account where we have been @tagged and/or @mentioned

We would like an instagram feed to show images/video from any account in which our @username has been @tagged and/or @mentioned.

For example, we want to show a gallery of our customer’s images/video which specifically tags our company and products.

If this feed can then be further filtered by #hashtag it would enable us to hightlight photos of specific products, events or themes.


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When you access your photos that you were tagged in like this-

you see the images that other people tagged you in. This is an important feed to have displayed because not everyone hashtags- but they do tag you. For my music page, I want to see my own posts, but adding the ability to also load the posts that I was tagged in would be awesome

I thought that was the purpose of the URL field, but pasting in did not work. All you really need to do is to get that field to work with the tagged url.

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Yes, this would be amazing! Glad to see it’s under consideration.

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@Kate4 thank you for your interest!

I’ll make sure to share the details once I’ve got any news regarding this feature :slight_smile:

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IS there any update on this? I just got this app and this is the first thing I’m looking for before setting this live on my page


Hi @user4582 and welcome to community :wave:

I am genuinely sorry for the delayed reply!

Much as I’d love to share an update, I’m afraid the solution hasn’t been found yet, I’m really sorry. Once any news come up, we’ll immediately inform you in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for sharing your feedback with!

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