Instagram Feed hashtag question

We have two separate IG accounts but share the website, so to use the same hashtag and have it go to the feed would be amazing!!

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Hello @MBB! That’s awesome that you decided to join us! Welcome to Community :tada:

I see that my colleague Nataliya has already contacted you in a support ticket. As Nataliya said, if you want to add two Instagram accounts to one widget you need to use the Public Accounts & Hashtags. This type of connection allows to add two Instagram sources


After that, add the hashtag filter:


If any questions come up, please feel free to contact Nataliya. She’ll be happy to advise.

Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

She did, thank you!! I assumed you’d add “business account” if it was used for a business. Lol. Thank you two so much!


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@MBB Don’t worry about it!

Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face: