I have an opinion about views/app

I tried on my website. in the Podcast Player section.
When I scroll down once, the app counts 1 view, and when I scroll up, the app counts 1 more view. Someone they haven’t clicked on has lost so many views in the Podcast Player. you should reconsider.
why is that so?

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Hello @Ibnu, happy to welcome you on our forum! :hugs:

You know, with the way our views metric works, we do not count unique users who see the widget, messages you get via our chat apps, or sales you’ve managed to make using our widget. Views is the one and only metric which we set for our apps.

Every time your website’s visitor opens the page with the widget, the widget loads, and it counts as one view. You can find more details about the views in this article.

However, if you notices that the same users brings more than view without refreshing the page, please contact our Support Team and provide the link to your website with the widget. The team will be happy to look into this for you and provide personal assistance :slight_smile:

I have checked and followed up many times already. Every time I go to an article on the website and go back to the homepage, it will count 1 more views. I’ll probably leave Elfsight!

@Ibnu did you stay logged in to your Elfsight account when you were checking the articles?

The thing is, if you are logged in to your Elfsight dashboard, your own views are not counted at all.

Anyway, we will be happy to look into this and find out what’s going wrong via personal assistance, our Support Team will contact you shortly :raised_hands:t2: