How to enhance appearance of Elfsight widgets on Wix websites

As you may know, Wix CMS is built on iframe technology, which can impact the visual and functional aspects of our widgets.

In this post, we’ve put together some practical tips and solutions to address the most popular issues :raised_hands:

How to change the font of Elfsight widgets on Wix websites

Due to the peculiarities of the Wix platform, our apps support only the limited number of fonts. But worry not! You can apply any free Google font you wish to the widget.

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How to install floating Elfsight widgets on all pages of your Wix website

The best way to install a floating widget for all pages for both desktop and mobile is to use the Custom Code option:

Select Settings section in your Dashboard menu, scroll down to the Advanced section and choose Custom Code


Click on + Add Custom Code button in the right upper corner:


Insert your widget's installation code into Paste the code snippet here area and save changes

How to install Elfsight widgets on Wix avoiding iframes

To resolve all the mentioned issues at once, you can just reinstall your widget avoiding iframes.

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