[HOT FEATURE]: Introducing PROJECTS in your Dashboard! ⚡

Organize your workspace with Projects!

Friends, we’re beyond thrilled to present quite a big release, on which we’ve been working hard for several months: an option to organize your workspace with the help of PROJECTS! :fire:

Projects: What is it?

The Projects section is a great tool for organizing your widgets in your account. If you’re working with multiple clients, having everything in one place is crucial to save time and effort. The Projects section helps you sort your widgets easily :slight_smile:

Who can use Projects

  • The Projects section becomes accessible with the Pro subscription (Single App Pro, or Pro Pack) and higher. Please note that the number of projects you can create is limited, depending on the plan you are subscribed to. Currently, we have the following limitations:
Plan (Single App or Pack) Limits
Pro 3 projects
Premium 9 projects
Enterprise T1 15 projects
Enterprise T2 30 projects
Enterprise T3 60 projects
Enterprise T4 120 projects

Guys, we’re really happy to have finally presented this option. Please let us know what you think: are you going to create projects, and what are your thoughts on the whole? Thank you!! :heart:

That’s Awesome and very helpful, top notch Team Elfsight​:top::heart:


Dirk, thank you so much!! That’s quite a milestone for us, so your support is really important :heart: :hugs:


Hello @Helga,

Just a question :
Why is this feature not available for the Free plan?

I don’t think I’ll use this feature myself.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Hi @romano97002!

You see, we’ve found that 99% of our Free plan users, who typically have only 2-3 widgets, won’t need this functionality. To keep their workspace clean and simple, we’ve opted not to include features that might be unnecessary or confusing for them.

Additionally, since we’ve invested a lot of hard work and time into this feature, we’re currently offering it exclusively to our Pro+ plan users :slight_smile:


Hello @helga and thank you for your response,

OK, I understand.


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Thank YOU, Romano, for your interest! We’re always happy to get feedback from you, so never hesitate to ask questions or share your thoughts with us :hugs:


Hi Helga! What about LTD users? :frowning:


I can’t see the new projects tab in my dashboard. Very unfair for LTD users… I’ve invested in the full stack 4 years ago and this is what we get… invisibility.


@PEDRO, my apologies for the long reply!

I get your point, but I’m afraid we don’t provide this option for the Appsumo users now, you’re right. However, I know that the team is discussing the options now, and I’ll be happy to share the news once we come up with any solution :slight_smile:

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While I’m not an AppSumo user, you may want to heavily consider their concerns as even the AppSumo description states that all future features are included. Have a good day!

Hi! I’m a paying user and I don’t see the projects section. I’ve been waiting for this feature. Why can’t I use it? :pensive:

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Hi @Ivan_Zavala :wave:

I see that you have All Apps Basic Pack subscription and Projects are available starting with Pro plan.

Please let me know if this clarifies the situation or if you have any further questions :slightly_smiling_face:

sad to hear :disappointed: