Google Reviews With Photos and Owner Reply: Key Functions

Folks, recently we’ve released a really huge feature which you’ve been asking for quite some time: an option to display photos and owner’s replies in your Google reviews! :heart_eyes:

Are photos and owner’s replies in reviews really important?

Not only do they look like a yet another nice addition to your reviews widget, but these options can really add value to your website. These are the key points from our latest blog article:

  • Enhanced customer behavior: visuals in reviews are more valuable than text, influencing customer behavior positively.

  • Improved ratings: featuring photos can improve ratings and competitiveness.

  • Popup mode: allow visitors to get all the details without leaving the website page, encouraging in-depth exploration.

  • Code-free photo integration: no need to do any manual work, a widget automatically processes all the publicly posted reviews and the following content — photos and replies from a business owner.

  • Scroll images through the popup: thanks to the built-in navigation buttons, smooth scrolling through reviews only with images has become more convenient and rational.

  • Display or hide business owner replies: strengthen your brand reputation by displaying your replies to the reviews right in the widget. We really love this example — Café Huskies did a great job in their reply to a 3-star review:

If you’d love to go dipper and find more details about this feature and how to make the most out of it, head over to our blog right away: Embed Google Reviews with Photos on Website: New Feature.

Have any questions, or you probably have already given this option a try? We’ll be delighted to meet you in the comments :blush: