Google Maps app info window not open on mobile by default

Hi there!

Working with the Google Maps app. On the Content panel, go to a Location → Action on Marker Click. Open info window is selected and Open Info Window by Default is On.

This works great to open the Info window by default on desktop browsers. However, the info window is not open by default on mobile devices:

  • iOS 15.5 (tested on iPhone 5)
  • Android 11 (tested on Pixel 2)

but it does work on iOS 15.5 iPad and in responsive desktop browsers

Hi Keith,

Thank you so much for your message!

I’m terribly sorry to know that you are having this issue with our Google Maps widget, and I’ll be happy to help!

Could you please send me the direct link to the page where we can check this issue?

Link to page with map: The Tutoring Center, Killeen, TX

I’ve just consulted with our developers, and unfortunately this feature is not available for mobile devices due to usability reasons, as the info window takes up too much space on a mobile screen.

I’m extremely sorry for that, and I hope we’ll find a way to implement it in the foreseeable future.

I understand that in some use cases, the window may take up too much space. However, in my use cases, it fits fine because I am not using many of the other fields.

I would suggest a feature a toggle or checkbox for “Desktop” and “Mobile.” That way and end user can decide for themselves if the UX is useable or not.

I see your point, and I’m sure that our developers will consider the possibility of implementing this in our future updates.

Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to vote for this feature and leave a comment in our Wishlist, and you’ll receive a notification upon its release. Here is the link - Show pin popup on mobile devices | Feature Wishlist