Get widget views via API

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Do I understand you correctly that you’d like to display the views right on the website where the widget is installed?

hmm not quite. I have an administrator website where owners of others sites will connect with your app and create widgets. Then they will install the widget on their sites via shopify for example. I want to display the views on my administrator website so the business owners can view some kind of statistics. Views are good example, but would be great If I could display more statistics on my admin site.

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I got your point! Unfortunately, there is no option to display views statistics on the administrator website. I am so sorry!

However, I’d like to mention that we are working on Agency account feature, which seems to be a nice option for your use case. You’ll be able to provide access to your account for many users, so the views statistics will be available for them right in the dashboard.

You can keep an eye on it here - Agency Account