Can you also make widgets from finished codes?

I would like widgets from two finished codes because they are displayed incorrectly on my website in the editor and public and the layout and functions themselves fail. If so, can I provide the two codes.

I would like some feedback on this for further constructions.

Hi @D_B_P_X :wave:

Could you please elaborate on your use case? The link to the website in question and the screenshot of what you’d like to achieve would be highly appreciated :pray:

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I was reply via Email - because, it let not me post all informations.

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Hello Max, there are the both HTML-Codes: Code Testen, Analysieren und Reparieren

@D_B_P_X Thank you so much!

I’ve talked to our devs and, unfortunately, there is no option to implement your use case. I am sorry :pensive:

We’ll try to consider this idea in our future updates and keep you in the loop regarding any changes.