Gallery Option that sorts by date and is searchable

Here is what I’m trying to solve for:
I’d like to create a database of all music projects created by my organization, both historical and forward looking. When people come to the page they will see all current and future projects (image, descriptions, other information) we are working on sorted by date with the ability to filter down by tag (ie. folk, rock, rap, etc). I’d also like for them to search historically in our catalog. So they could go back to 1999 and see what we worked on then.

So its not a calendar per se. Its not a gallery. Its a mix of both.


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@Asad1 many thanks for describing your idea and for all the details!

You know, I guess we have a similar app in our Coming Soon project, Timeline.

Do you think it could be a solution for your use case providing it supports the features you mentioned (tags and search)? If so, feel free to vote for it in our Wishlist: Widget for presenting events in progress or in chronological order (timeline) :slight_smile:

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