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When can we get a similar feature? This would be amazing for a number of our agency accounts!

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I think it will be released soon

is it possible to have something like this where people can like your page and it unlocks a discount: Elfsight Apps

Bonjour, je n’ai pas trouvé

Hello folks!

It’s true that we have the Forum app as our Coming Soon one, as we’d really love to let you enhance your websites with something that functional and cool.

I’m afraid I’m not able to set an ETA for this app to go live, however, we’ll do our best to pay attention to it.

You’re also very welcome to vote for this app request in our wishlist: widget for making a Forum | Feature Wishlist. Once this app is released, you’ll get a notification via email :slight_smile:

Is this the beta version of the forum that will be released as a widget?
Really excited to see a forum rolled out as it would add brilliant new functionality to my website.

All the best

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Hi Phil!
I hate to disappoint you, but this forum is based on a separate platform (Discourse) and was built for our users for better experience.

You’re right, we do have Forum widget in our Coming Soon section, and I really hope we will develop a solid widget one day :raised_hands:t2:

Meanwhile, I wish you a great experience with our service and the forum! :slight_smile: