Forms: Receive form submissions via SMS

We’re excited to share a new workaround, and it’s all thanks to @Rob-S valuable input! Your insights have been crucial in enhancing our services, and we’re truly grateful for bringing this to our attention :heart:

What you need to know

Receiving submissions via SMS is possible, but only if the customer’s mobile carrier offers the “Receive SMS via Email” option.

Setting up

Here is the list of Email-To-SMS Addresses. As an example, let’s take AT&T carrier:

  1. Activate the “email-to-text” service

  2. Configure the widget by adding an email address in this format: <10-digit wireless number>, for example: (No dashes or spaces!)

Done! Now, when someone submits the form, you’ll get an SMS (keep in mind that SMS have 320-characters limit)

Guys, have you tried out this functionality? Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below :wink:


Oh this is awesome! Love this new feature for forms. I can come in handy!


That’s really great, I hope you’ll really enjoy it!

A huge thank you for your amazing feedback :heart: