Receive an SMS once a form is submitted [Workaround in the comments]

Please add an option to send an sms message once someone has submitted a form.

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You can do this now! :slight_smile:

All mobile phone numbers also have an email address! When you send to your phone’s email address, it comes in like a text. BUT, you have to know the original carrier of your phone number, i.e. before you ever “ported” it to another carrier.

If you know which carrier first had your phone number, you can look up now to set up the email address here:
Try it!

The way you can get a text when someone submits the form is to add your phone’s address to the list of emails you want the form to be submitted to. The caveat is that you may not be able to read the entire form submission because texts were very limited in character length when this was set up. But, you’ll at least know by text that someone submitted the form and you’ll be able to check your email right away for the full submission message. Hope this helps!

You’re welcome!


Wow, thanks a million for pointing us in this direction, @Rob-S!

We’ll make sure to check this out with the devs and include it in our Help Center and Knowledge Base here :fire:

Really appreciate your help! :heart_eyes:

Hi @Rob-S :wave:

Our devs have checked your workaround and you were absolutely right!

Receiving data from the form via SMS is possible, but only if the customer’s mobile carrier offers the “Receive SMS via Email” option.

In that case, there should be no issues, and the data will come through (keep in mind for 320-character limit for SMS).

A huge thank you for such a valuable insight :heart:

Hi folks, just in case, here’s a post where we describe how to set up the submissions via SMS: Forms: Receive form submissions via SMS

A huge thank you @Rob-S once again!

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