10 tips to power up your Form widgets

Elfsight Form widgets offer a wide variety of cool features you may not be aware of.

For this reason, we’ve decided to compile the list of the most popular tips to help you make the most of your widgets:

Where to find my Form widget submissions

The essential part of working with Elfsight Form widgets is the option to download the list of submissions, and there are 4 different ways of doing it.

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How to receive form submissions via SMS

If the 4 above-mentioned ways aren’t enough and you’d like submissions to be delivered via SMS, there is an awesome solution from our member @Rob-S.

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Why I don't receive my Form widget submissions

It can be disappointing when you don’t receive submissions from your website visitors through the widget. In this article, you’ll find three easy steps to troubleshoot this issue.

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How to pre-fill form fields using URL Parameters

You can pre-fill the fields in our Form widgets through URL parameters, which can make form filling quicker and easier for your clients.

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How to pre-fill form fields dynamically using widget's API

Want to dynamically fill in your form fields? We are happy to tell you that our Form widgets can do this!

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How to make a form open from a custom button

Want to connect with your website’s visitors, but the Form takes up too much space on the site? We have a perfect workaround!

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How to set up a multistep form

Want to make a cool multistep form that perfectly fits your website? It’s easy with our Form apps!

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Troubleshooting submissions ending up in Spam

Tired of the submissions going to Spam? You can prevent this!

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How to show a certain field based on one of several possible conditions

Want to apply “Or” condition to your form? We’ve found a solution!

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Customize your form widgets further with CSS codes

Want to give your forms a unique touch? We have a CSS Codes category where you can find the most popular codes for your widgets.

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Everything described in this post work for all Form widgets: Form Builder, Contact Form, Subscription Form.

Guys, we’d be so grateful if you could check out the Contact Form category in the Wishlist and vote your favorite ideas. It would be incredibly helpful for the development of our widgets and services.

And of course, feel free to share your own ideas too :wink:

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We commonly use the form widget open from a link, a button on the page, and a button in the corner. Love the flexibility.


That’s great! Thank you for the feedback :wink: