Follow me on Instagram modal

I am browsing a comapnies site

modal popup - soft sell “I like the way you roll, lets take this to the next level and connect on instagrm”

Include follow button for socials - Instagram - option for TikTok Facebook

I want the ability to change the image message and headline and include the social follow button of choice

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Thank you for sharing your suggestion and for all the details provided, @Edward_Guest!

I got your use case and I love your idea to display your social media buttons in a popup widget with an option to customize the text and look and feel :+1:t2:

We’ll try to think in this direction in the feature, but meanwhile you can check out our Social Media Icons widget, maybe it will come in handy for now :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help and yes, welcome to the community!

Hi @Edward_Guest, it seems I already have a solution for your use case, my apologies for the confusion!

I guess our Popup widget will be a thing for you, as it provides an option to add text, buttons and other elements which are fully customizable:

This is just a brief example:


Let me know if you have other questions!