Facebook reviews

Facebook reviews not being updated, even 48hours passed.

Any tip about how to fix this problem?


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Hello @Arte_Interativa_Stud :wave:

Thank you for contacting us!

I am so sorry about this inconvenience!

I’ve checked the widget and at the moment all the reviews are displayed:

Could you please check it and let me know if the issue still persists?

Thank you!

Is working fine!

One question: How I can make those reviews be displayed in the SERP ?
any tutorial?


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Hello @Arte_Interativa_Stud :wave:

I am happy to hear that everything is fine!

To display the reviews in SERP, you need Schema.org setting to be enabled. In our widgets this setting is enabled by default. You can find it by following these steps: Settings → Schema.org section:

Please keep in mind that, unfortunately, Google ignores most snippets for homepages, and hence the issue. Consequently, if you add our widget to your homepage, the stars still won’t display in the search results.

Please let me know whether it explains things and feel free to ask for any other assistance, I’ll be happy to help.