Facebook Feed Connection via Authorisation Link

Sending an authorization link is not available for the Facebook Feed, and we do need this option. We have a few clients that have personal Facebook Feeds but manage their business feeds in the same account and are reticent to give up their personal password. Thanks!

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Bumping this thread, I think everyone really needs this feature!

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Hi folks!

I guess our Facebook Feed app does support an option to connect your clients’ accounts without knowing the credentials :slight_smile:

Your client should just share access to their Facebook Page with you so that you can connect it to the widget. You can find more info on how to do so here: https://www.facebook.com/help/187316341316631

Could this be a solution for your use case, @michael24?

Hi Helga, thanks for your reply. Yes this is what i have been doing to date, however i don’t really want to be “tied” to my clients account from my personal FB account. I’d love a solution as easy as connecting to a Instagram account in Elfsight. While I wait for that glorious day, could you tell me the bare minimum FB role access the client can give me so i can successfully connect to Elfsight?

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Hi Michael, thank you for the details, I do see your point!

Although we recommend sharing Admin access, several tests have shown that the lowest roles (Advertiser and Analyst) work as well. The page gets connected and posts get displayed fine, although, unfortunately, it’s difficult to say how stable it’s going to be in the long run.

Thus, we’d still recommend giving Admin access, but you’re welcome to opt for lower roles as well.