Export a csv list of data

Export a csv list of data

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Original comment from Tony Maddison transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

Being able to export a list of stores off of Elfsight would be beneficial to our company for us to keep an updated list of accounts. When you go into manage your google maps, at the top right corner next to the "Apply and Save " buttons, there could be an “export list” button. It could export the Name, address and phone number.

Any news on when the export feature will be available for Google Maps?

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Hi @Christoph3 :wave:

Thank you for your question!

Much as I’d love to share an update, I’m afraid the solution hasn’t been found yet. I’m really sorry :pensive:

Unfortunately, this task is quite a tall order and we’ll need time to be able to add it to our roadmap. However, we do have in mind this feature and really hope to get back to it as soon as possible.

Is the option to export the location data available now?

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Greetings @Reading_Rock_Marketi and welcome aboard :wave:

Unfortunately, this option isn’t available yet. I’ve moved your comment to the dedicated discussion, where we’ll keep you updated.

A huge thank you for sharing your feedback with us!