Google Maps: Bulk via CSV is out now!

Guys, something interesting is coming your way: the first version of Bulk Upload via CSV file option is already available in your Google Maps widgets!

Some specifications to keep in mind:

  • the order of columns in the uploaded CSV file is important, you will find an example of a correct file in the widget configurator

  • uploaded CSV file will replace previously added locations

We recommend trying this option in a new widget to avoid disrupting your previously uploaded locations.

Any ideas for improvement? Share in our Wishlist! :raised_hands:t2:

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Why would you not include the ability to export the current location points? This is like a weekend dev project and now we have to manually transpose hundreds of addresses from the current map that you required us to manually add…

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Totally understand you, @user3426, thanks for your comment!

It was a dilemma indeed, but we decided to release this first version to at least let new users an option to upload locations in bulk.

Our next step is to introduce the export feature :slight_smile:

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In addition, how does this work with image/store logo for each listing. Can that be done through the CSV as well, or do we have to do it one-by-one?

What is the expected release date for the export, so we can import?

We have a lot of wholesalers with our products across the country, department stores, boutiques, etc. So we have already added hundreds manually into the system. So before we update (we stopped because it was way too manual), we want to export them, and import the new ones backlogged over the last 1-2 years. Thanks Helga.

Greetings @user3867 and welcome aboard :wave:

Happy to tell you that you can import via CSV store logo as well. You just need to add the link to the image like this and everything should be working fine:

As for the export feature ETA, I’ll discuss it with our devs and get back to you a bit later :slightly_smiling_face:

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