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SUMMARY PAGE: Remove the expand/collapse button and change to permanent expanded mode. I am advertising your link on my blog, so I would like to have my full profile shown to the public. I think it will attract more users.

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@KathysVintageItems do you mean you’d love to have the expanded profile here on the forum?

If so, could you please elaborate on the issue a bit? I seem to see the expanded version already :slight_smile:

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Oh, now I see it, thank you, Kathy!

I’m using the Discourse app, that’s why I didn’t see the issue, but checking the link in the browser I see what you mean.

Great point! I’ll try to talk with the Discourse team (it’s the platform on which our forum is build), perhaps they will be able to fix the behaviour. I’ll let you know about the result here :slight_smile:

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