Welcome to the Elfsight Community!| Beginner's Guide

Hi there and welcome aboard! :wave:t2:

This is a place for everybody interested in Elfsight to come together, ask questions, find answers, share expertise, help each other, and much more!

We’re happy to have you join and would love for you to tell us a bit about yourself in this topic.

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Why join the community?

We guess it’s time your experience with Elfsight got upleveled! Now not only our team can you reach out to get help, but your peers as well. And it’s always great to have a chat with like-minded people, share expertise, start discussions and learn new things together.

That is the purpose of creating this forum, and we do believe we’re on the same page :slight_smile:

If something is still unclear, feel welcome to leave your comments here — we’ll be delighted to cover all the questions. Or you can always DM me in case of urgent matters!


Thank you, team!


Thank YOU for joining us, Katty! Enjoy your stay! :hugs:


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Thanks! Good forum.


Hey, thanks a lot for your kind words! :hugs:

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im a couple weeks late to reply to post, but HEY EVERYONE!

It’s never too late to say hello! :slight_smile:

Feel free to learn more about the members of our community and share a couple of things about yourself in this thread: 👋🏻 Say hello and introduce yourself!