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It’s high time we knew each other a bit better!

To get this party started and truly tap into the community spirit, share the following three things:

  1. Your name and what you do.

  2. What you’d love to learn in our community.

  3. One fun fact about you :slight_smile:

Thank you!


I’ll start!

  1. I’m Helga, your community manager, and I’m super psyched about this launch! We were in touch with you on Facebook, but it was not a perfect place to build a solid community, so here we are!

  2. I hope that together we will make this place a great source of inspiration, knowledge and new acquaintances.

  3. Fact about me: I’m very into reading, but I’m terrible at watching films — I get bored really fast and lose the plot. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I’m always here for you, so you’re most welcome to tag me or message me if any kind of help needed!


Hi, I’m Rob. I use elfsight for my vacation rental website. www.hakuna-macottage.com > Its located just outside of Disney World. I hope I learn how to improve my website to drive my business with elfsight widgets.

I am a huge Disney fan!


Hi Rob, so great to see you here, welcome to the community!

You’re using so many Elfsight widgets, and they look fantastic on your website, thanks a lot for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

And what an adorable fact about Disney!

Hi all! I’m Erika, a blogger and content marketer.
I’d love to learn more ways to effectively use Elfsight. I’m also (im)patiently waiting for a blog comments feature and I don’t want to miss any notifications about it, lol.
I love everything about Italy and Italian culture yet I’m afraid to fly and have only been there once :joy:


Welcome, Erika!
Thanks a lot for sharing your expectations - we’ll do our best to provide useful content and reveal our widgets’ best features and capabilities :slight_smile:

Make sure that you’re following our Announcement category to always stay updated!
Wow, I’ve been dreaming to get back to learning Italian, and I agree that it’s a wonderful language :sparkles:


To get this party started, please share the following three things:

  1. Hello, I’m Alexander and I am a technical marketing specialist. I use elfsight with Squarespace for the Cyber Acoustics website.

  2. I would love to get more into CSS customization of elfsight widgets. Right-click inspect has gotten me pretty far but I look forward to seeing what kinds of stuff other folks have done!

  3. I grew up on a small donkey farm in Virginia (USA) and donkeys are my favorite animals.

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Very nice to see you here, Alexander!

Thanks a lot for sharing your website - I love the way Slider widgets look there, I’d say they fit perfectly :+1:t2:
As for donkeys, I cannot but agree that they are just adorable animals :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your comment, and welcome!

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Hello My name is MAciej and I am an architect looking for a way out of my profession. I have been working on a website that aims to compile a catalogue of reviews and have been going from review widget to review widget, but all seem to be failing my ambition, or my level of amateurism is failing their amazing capabilities. I am now building the type of reivew form i need on Elfsight, but cannot figure out how to display the results on the frontend.
Fact: became a father 3 days ago.

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Hello MAciej, and welcome! So great to see you here on the forum, I hope you will find this place useful :slight_smile:
And congratulations on such an outstanding event!

  1. I’m Tiran, a B2B software developer based in Vancouver Canada. I love eflsight and have been using in the past 2 months to extend the capabilities of our website clearviewsys.com
  2. I would love to learn how other users are using Elfsight and be able to ask for new features, get votes, and hear back from the developers of Elfsight. :bulb:
  3. I love travelling and dancing and listening to classical music!

I’m Raj, owner of a web agency.

I recognise (so does Google) that the days of static websites are numbered - I’m looking to engage my customers online keep them on the website and maximise conversions. I want Elfsight widgets to help with this!

There’s such a choice not always clear what to use.

Have you thought about creating an logic process/algorithm where you have a series of questions for the Elfsight member and as they respond the logic helps them home in on solutions that can help them achieve their goal?

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Hello I am Phil, I live in the UK, and more specifically in the beautiful Peak District. I am a professional photographer and I use a Shopify website and have employed Elfsight to add extra functionality throughout the site… https://www.philsprosonphotography.com

Through my work I have always photographed holiday cottages and hotels, so I also create websites for accommodation, so the ‘All in One Reviews’ widget has been brilliant as an upsell, and since I am on the Enterprise plan, the chance of exceeding the views limits in a month are very generous. It works perfectly for me.


Hello Tiran and welcome! :slight_smile:
It’s fantastic to see that you’re using so many widgets of ours, they look great on your website!

Yes, we also see this forum a place for everybody to learn new things and share ideas. By the way, we already have a wishlist at https://wishlist.elfsight.com/, but we’re thinking over ways to integrate it here on the forum, so that you have everything in one place :slight_smile:

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Hi Raj, great to see you here!

A great idea you’ve shared, and I’m happy to say that we’re thinking about creating something along the lines of the Elfsight Academy, where our users can use tips for particular goals and find useful advice. This project is in development mode, but we’ll surely improve it as we go.

Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas, I’ve already passed them over to our marketing team! :slight_smile:

Welcome, Phil, thanks a lot for your post!

Your website looks amazing, and we’re so happy that our widgets appeared to be a good solution for you :slight_smile:

I wish you a great user experience, see you around :hugs:

Bonjour je suis éducateur canin, je suis en France.

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Ravi de vous rencontrer, Lionel!

Very nice to meet you, Lionel! :hugs:

Oh Snap!!! What’s up Elf sight peeps! Anyway, My name is Lesan! (I hope google doesn’t index this!!) It’s a French name but I’m Cuban American. I work full time at a print shop doing in-house graphic design as well as vinyl installations. It’s fun and a very creative environment. Then once i get home is where my free lancing begins! I freelance graphic and web design. That’s where your apps come in to play! I know frontend very well so i usually implement your apps via HTML websites. I hate WordPress! THERE I SAID IT! Now that i got that off my shoulder, one fun fact about me is that I love to attend Music Festivals from time to time. Mainly EDM festivals such as EDC and Ultra. I really enjoy designing with some good deep/chill down tempo jams ♫ ♪ Don’t be shy my Freelance IG is @TrideDesigns kbye :heart: