Meet the Revised Elfsight Champion Program! 🚀

Become an Elfsight Champion!

Become an Elfsight Champion!

Hey, Elfsighters! :wave:t2:

It’s fantastic to see this community space growing, you sharing your expertise and knowledge to help others, and the overall ambiance of caring. It’s invaluable, and I mean it!

We think that such initiative has got to be encouraged, so I’m introducing the Elfsight Champion Program for those who love to support others within the community!

Why become an Elfsight Champion?

We really appreciate your contribution to our community, and with this program we want to encourage and support your efforts :gift:

These are the benefits you can expect as a Champion:

  • Exclusive Elfsight Champion badge :trophy:

  • Access to the private category connecting all champions

  • Networking opportunities with other champions and our community team

  • Direct access to the Elfsight team for closer communication

  • Early access to new features (and an option to discuss updates with the team!)

  • Opportunity to develop the community with us

  • Priority support

  • Get featured in our Digest newsletter

  • More perks are yet to come!

How to join?

As you know, you get points (we call them ‘cheers’ here) for every action on the forum.

So, to join the Champion Program you need to collect 100 cheers and wait for the invitation from us :love_letter:

You can keep tabs on your cheers number in Users section:

How to get cheers?

Just add value to the community! Nearly everything you do on the forum has its own weight, thus cheers behind it. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Ask your questions to get help on the forum

  • Contribute to our Wishlist either by sharing your ideas or by voting for other requests

  • Help others :slight_smile:

  • Share your feedback on our releases and updates

  • Strike up conversations or raise questions for discussion

  • Give and receive likes


What do I have to do as a Champion exactly?

Anything that can add value to our community forum!

  • Welcome new members in their first topics to make them feel at home :slight_smile:

  • Answer members’ questions on our community forum

  • Help with providing simple CSS codes

  • Host events where you talk about Elfsight widgets and their value

  • Share useful tips or your expertise with the community

  • Suggest topics for discussion

  • Provide feedback on our updates and releases

  • Anything else you have in mind!

What are the specifics of being a Champion?
  • Get at least 100 cheers a month to keep your Champion status

  • Minimum age requirement is 18 years

What are the benefits of the private category?
  • Connect with other Champions and members from the Elfsight team

  • Get priority support

  • Test out unreleased features and provide your feedback

  • Suggest your ideas for our forum improvement

  • and much more!

How do I know that I got accepted?

We will review cheer levels and send out invitations every two weeks. Just expect a private message from us :slight_smile:

How long is the commitment?

Currently, the commitment is open-ended, which means you’ll be considered our Champion as long as you continue to contribute to our community forum :slight_smile:

Please note that we reserve the right to remove you from the program if the requirements aren’t met.

What if I have other questions?

Feel welcome to contact our Community Manager Helga — she’ll be delighted to talk!

Can’t wait to have you join our circle of enthusiasts! :zap:

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Our first Champions have already been detected, do join us! :rocket:

@Helga yep, I would love to join this and help the community with what I have learned so far, and help in any way that I can


@Phil awesome! I’m on my way to dm you :slight_smile:

I would love to join :sunglasses:

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Awesome, wait for the details! :slight_smile: