Event Calendar widget for business

Hello, everyone! :sunglasses:

I would like to ask a question to all widget users.

  • Where do you use this widget?
  • In what areas and to whom do you think it could be in demand?
  • Who could we provide services to create, set up and maintain their schedule? (and of course make money with it). Organizations, companies, theaters, sport clubs, etc.

Let’s think about it together. Widget is really cool.

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Great question @Tender_S :wave:

@Matthew7 as far as I remember, you are actively using our Event Calendar app. Do you maybe have any insights or recommendations? It would be awesome to hear your ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey there,

Yes - I work for the Maine Department of Education, so this is where we use it. We have 8 offices and teams spanning and offer professional development opportunities to the field across the entire state. We offer webinars, office hours, training, and a host of other ‘types’ of events.

As far as platforming for monetary gains (which is now how we function as a government agency) – it would depend on what your company offers. Where this is an event calendar, utilizing it for fundraising opportunities, in conjunction with other forms of marketing, could be beneficial. It sounds like you may want to help communities manage calendars for a fee possibly? That could certainly work if you have a centralized focus for those groups, but would also say you need to have a “thing” - although calendar management can be a big job (I manage it for the entire department), it’s essentially a post, which some may pay you for, but can’t see it being overly profitable as you have to buy the software, and pay someone to manage that content, so your profit margin for what it’s worth to post events may not be very wide, unless you make deals with certain clubs to have an “event fee” and maybe that is a % of their registration or something like that.

Again, it depends - if you are looking to work with schools for club sports, then they aren’t going to make much, but if you are looking for corporate exhibitions, you may be able to do the aforementioned.

Those are just some quick ideas.

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