Contributors of the Month: November 2023

Hey Community :wave:

December is upon us and it’s time to shine a spotlight on our stars. This month, we’re excited to announce our top 3 most active users who have truly stood out.

A big shoutout to our November leaders:

:1st_place_medal: @Tender_S shared his feedback, left a bunch of cool ideas in our Wishlist and even started a discussion about the usage of Event Calendar

:2nd_place_medal: @Joey_J was really into Tumblr Feed questions

:3rd_place_medal: @user4995 asked a lot of questions in our Get help category

Elfsight Leaderboard

Big thanks to everyone for your amazing contributions! Keep the energy high – who knows, you could be next on this list :wink:


Let’s make “Event Calendar” great! :sunglasses: