Event Calendar Presenting different on browsers

Hey there! I have run into another issue with our event calendar widget. It seems on some browsers it is presenting as large obtuse bubbles instead of skinny bubbles as in the design on the widget. Any advice on how to fix this issue? Thanks.


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Hello @user835!

Thank you for contacting us!

I’m deeply sorry about the issue. I am going to take care of this for you.

I’ve checked your website and, unfortunately, couldn’t identify the issue.

Could you please specify what bubbles you mean (screenshots would be highly appreciated) and in what browsers does the issue occur?

Hey there! Sorry it took me awhile to get back with you. This was on the safari browser on an apple MacBook Air. Here is a screenshot from one of my clients.

Hey @user835!

Thank you for the provided info :pray:

I have forwarded your request to our developers, and hopefully, they will come up with a solution very soon!

Please do not worry, I’ll keep you updated :wink:

Thank you!


Hello @user835 :wave:

Would it be an option for you to specify the version of your Safari browser?

Currently im not sure what version he was using, but I have checked it out on many different browsers and devices and it all appears normal. I can’t seem to locate the problem my client was having.