Errors 403 in console when loading avatars from facebook


I’ve got some errors in browser dev tools when fetching facebook reviews.
I think there is an issue with expired links to Facebook users profile pictures.

The error response is: URL signature expired

Is there any way to wrap the request into eg. try catch blocks? I saw there is a Custom JS Editor, maybe there can be any solution.

I know that I can just customize the reviews and hide the reviewers pictures, but it looks just worse.

Thank you for helping.

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Hi there @Giganci :wave:

I am so sorry about the issue!

Could you please send me a direct link to the page where your widget is installed?

Sure, it’s

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Thank you!

Glad to tell you that it’s possible to resolve the console error by updating the review sources.

However, we can’t update them since they are restricted at the moment.

  1. Giganci Programowania - the reviews for this source are hidden

  1. The content on this page isn’t available at the moment:

Could you please make your sources public available, so that we could update them?