Elfsight webinar from Eric: Recording is here

I do a weekly webinar Called Creative Business Tech. We look at tools, tips, tricks, and techniques that offer creative solutions to everyday business issues. Sometimes I pitch a product. Sometimes I give business ideas. Sometimes I demonstrate a software technique. Today we are offering a special for Elfsight. You can join the webinar here: Creative Business Tech - Demio

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@Eric1 this is just fantastic, thank you so much for sharing!!

Is there a chance that this webinar will be recorded so that more people could take advantage from it?

Yes, they are recorded

Cool! I’m sure it will be an awesome session with plenty of participants :slight_smile:

Please post a link to the recording when you are done. Thanks!

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Hugh, here’s the link to the replay: Elfsight

Eric, the webinar is fantastic and super useful, thank you so much for sharing the link!

I’m sure your review will come in really helpful for a lot of newcomers :slight_smile:

See you Friday, very cool Video @Eric1
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