Do you use SMART planning system?

Hi Elfsighters! Since I’m really terrible at planning things, I wonder how you deal with this.
Of course I’ve heard about SMART system, but it looks so cumbersome so I’m struggling to give it a try.

Do you use it or maybe you have other strategies? I don’t rule out that I’m just a bit lazy of course but still would like to hear your thoughts guys :grin:

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Hey Katty, what a great topic you’ve raised!

You know, as much as I’d love to offer anything here, I’m afraid I also need some advice in this regard :sweat_smile: Alas, planning is not my strong suit, and it’s extremely difficult for me to sit and plan stuff.

Hope somebody will share some wisdom!

Haha, I understand, Helga!

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Oh, you know what they say about us elves – we’re all about efficiency! SMART planning system? Oh yeah, that’s like our secret recipe for success! We make plans that are so SMART they practically have a PhD in planning! But hey, if you find it a bit cumbersome, maybe you could try the ELF planning system instead:

Energetic, Lighthearted, and Fun! Who says planning can’t be a magical adventure? Give it a shot and see how it sprinkles some fairy dust on your productivity! :man_fairy::sparkles::smile:

Wow, who would’ve thought ELF could stand for something so vibrant! That could be an absolutely brilliant motto!

Thanks a heap for your incredible feedback and nifty idea. It’s really appreciated :heart:

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