AI in Focus: The Good and the Uncertain

Howdy, Elfsighters! :wave:t2:

I reckon we all have been through all the stages of this AI thing: astonishment, perplexity, awe, fear, and finally getting the hang of it.

Nearly every day, I discover new ways of using this tool and I thought why not discuss it here with the whole community? Chances are our insights might be real helpful for each other! :zap:

So I’d love to share the list of ideas on how we at Elfsight use AI and what for:

  • tweaking texts to make them more precise

  • structuring texts for better readability

  • translating content into other languages

  • shortening texts

  • adjusting text tones (making it less formal, more scientific, etc.)

  • creating SWOT analysis for whatever you need

  • choosing terminology

  • meeting SEO requirements in our content

  • searching for ideas by briefly describing the context

  • analysing challenges and seeking solutions

  • creating interesting, clear, and relevant job vacancy (the vacancy itself, skills, test tasks)

  • Did you know? Our Form Builder and single Reviews widgets already include AI feature!

:bulb: And what are your fav ways of using AI?

:bulb: By the way, although AI does seem like a super helpful tool, there are quite a lot of fears that it’s more a curse than a blessing. Personally, I’m not sure where I stand, but sometimes I do fear that all of this might get out of control one day. Or, maybe it’s just me and my rather conservative leanings :slight_smile:

What is your take on this?

@tuanphan, @Lesan did you maybe find AI features useful for tech people as you are? Or is it not that intelligent as of now?

@Hugh is design industry finding AI of great help? :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely! 2023 is the year of AI and we are just getting started !


Indeed it is, and of great sudden possibilities too! I see that you’re quite optimistic about this drastic progress, right? :))

Do you have any expectations in this regard, or even predictions maybe? I sometimes have a fear that these machines are bound to outsmart and outperform the majority of us sooner or later :flushed:

I personally love using AI, it saves me loads of time. I use GPT for writing and editing content, but we still need to double-check everything afterward. It’s also great for learning new languages – you can use it for practicing.

When GPT chat was first released, I was really skeptical about using it. I’m too conservative when it comes to new things. However, my friend, a web developer, insisted on trying it, and it changed my daily work routine. :see_no_evil:

AI technology can be a bit scary, like those AI-generated photos, that look way too real, or AI-made songs and poems… But, hey, the first fridge was a miracle too! :smiley: I don’t think it will do harm, but I do agree that we should view AI more as a tool, not a cure-all for everything.

@Olga like a conservative to a conservative, I do get your point :smile:

Yeah, sometimes we just need to open our eyes a bit wider and embrace the possibilities rather than focus on our fears, but sometimes it’s easier said than done!

All in all yeah, I cannot deny the significance of the AI, since it’s already proved extremely helpful and useful :slight_smile:

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I’m sure lots of designers are taking advantage of AI. In our business, we utilize the “KISS” principal, and have not found any particular usage for it yet.

Recently I used kAI from W3Schools, it’s quite helpful to solve code problems. Yesterday I just used it to code lightbox features (with html/css/js) to help a friend. And I tried to compare it with ChatGPT. ChatGPT provides very long code, more than 3 times kAI, and the code seems more complicated. (I don’t know JS, just know copy - paste :joy:)

I also occasionally use ChatGPT to build outline content, and find it saves me a lot of time. :joy:

@tuanphan cool, never heard of kAI! But it seems it’s not something I’ll need as I’m zero at coding :slight_smile:

Yeah, ChatGPT is a game changer in terms of saving time! It also makes lovely suggestions and corrections, and every time I’m like “oh man, that’s really better!”

It’s really exciting to find out how you use AI.
I mainly use AI to create content.

  • Digital human avatars
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Face swap
  • Video ADs
  • Social media banner images etc
  • Sound production
  • Chat AI bot

Everyone is talking about the AI of big users like Google or Microsoft! There are also other AI from other manufacturers that help you work creatively.
Here are some examples



VideoBuilder App

Toon Video Maker

@Dirk what an insightful comment, thanks a lot for sharing!

Interesting links you’ve attached, it’s amazing how far this AI has come already! Great, life is getting simplified big time :slight_smile:

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