Dashboard: Two new features are up for discussion

Happy Friday, folks! :wave:t2:

The work on our new Dashboard is in full swing, and we’ve come up with yet another question regarding a couple of new features for your best experience:

Feature 1: Display the domain where a widget is installed.

We’re thinking about displaying a domain next to each widget on the list, so you know where exactly this particular widget is installed.

Feature 2: Differentiate widgets by installation status.

Our idea is to make things as transparent as they get: installed widgets will have one status, and unused widgets will have another.

Over to You

Do you guys think you could take advantage of such features, and do they sound like something useful?

Maybe you’ve got other ideas or suggestions at this point? Feel free to share, we’ll be happy to consider everything you have in mind in this regard! :slight_smile:


Both futures are great! I would love to know the exact URL and not just the domain or in case I use the widget in more than one URL a would like to know all the URLs that is installed. Maybe a number next to the widget to show how many times is installed. The option for unused widgets is also very helpful!

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I would like to see this feature as well:

  • Enable / Disable widgets in dashboard with a toggle on/off button

This way we can invoice customers and deactivate widgets until invoice is paid. Currently we need to remove the widget to achieve this scenario or create a CSS code to disable the widgets.


I use the site name in name field any way so 1. is not needed.

For 2. How would you determine if a widget is installed? I have installed widgets on sites then removed them, or the company has gone out of business and the site taken down.

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@Giorgos @PEDRO thank you so much guys for your support and ideas!

I really love your suggestion about the exact URL, I hope our devs will give it a go and maybe find a way how to implement this very option.

The toggle option also sounds very smart! At the moment you actually can block the domain where a widget is installed, but the drawback is that the whole app and all the widgets within this app will be blocked as well. I agree this is not the best functionality, but anyways maybe it will come in handy one day. This article has a bit more details about blocking option: Hiding a widget - Elfsight Help Center.

Thanks a lot for food for thought! :raised_hands:t2:

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@Hugh great question! We’ve got a couple of ideas here and would love to discuss them with you here.

Now widgets can be installed on specific pages, or they can be installed on all the pages on your website, page URLs may get changed, etc. This way, we, unfortunately, cannot know for sure the exact widget location on the website or whether it’s still there.

But if there are requests coming with some frequency from your website to our service, we can indirectly determine whether a widget is installed there or not.

Basically, we are thinking about the following statuses:

  • a widget that has not yet been installed anywhere will, in fact, be perceived as a draft (Gray Indicator)

  • a widget that has received requests from a specific domain in the last time (for example, a week) will be considered to be installed on this domain (Green Indicator)

  • a widget for which there were requests from a certain domain earlier, but recently (for example, for a week) there were no requests, a status can be displayed with the following info: the widget was installed on so-and-so domain, but there were no requests recently, so it’s possibly deleted (Orange indicator)

This is just a crude idea for now, and we would love to talk it through with you to understand whether this info and the whole scenario will be useful or not.

What do you think?

@Giorgos @PEDRO Of course everyone can join the discussion :slight_smile:

I like the idea, but I don’t think for me it would be that helpful overall. This might be more important to subscribers If they are part of a plan that limits the number of active widgets.


Just my 2 cents… Neither of these are important to me. I would rather see the developers invest valuable time into other improvements.

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And it could be the case! That’s why we need to hear from you in order to get our priorities right :slight_smile:

^ this feature would be amazing

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would love to know at birds eye view what domains are using my widgets - it may not be useful for multi clients, but i have 14 websites on one client and recently was able to detect a suspicious activity using the statistics.

with that note, it would also be nice to have an app that i can install on homepage - that can detect/send alert to my email if any other domain than the specified domain in a “safe domain list” that I pre-determined has started to use the widget.


That is a very nice suggestion regarding an option to control the activity, @Cbc, thanks a lot for sharing!
I’m not sure that this is something we could consider for the nearest update, but it’s definitely a good food for thought :slight_smile:

Hi Helga!

For me, I think everything works as it should… But I get curious about everything new… Looking forward to it… Michel.J :thinking::+1::astonished:

Great idea Pedro. Just enquring, have you found a way to disable through CSS?


These two wouldn’t be as important to me.

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I think you can simply use “display:none” css code to hide the widget.

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I agree with Giorgos. Having the fully resolved URL would be helpful, and if it’s clickable that would be even better.

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@William2 I cannot deny the convenience if this option, yes :slight_smile:

Our devs will try to think over it, and I really hope there will not be any obstacles :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, and welcome to the Elfsight Community!


I have some feedback/suggestions. Individual stats for each widget. Right now I’m only able to see overall widget views (statistics). It would be helpful to know how many views each individual widget has. Thanks