Create app to add chat GPT to a website

Use api key from open Ai to add chat gpt as a chat bot to a website


@Peter9 thanks a lot for sharing your idea!

I understand your desire to add a chatbot, it really looks like a very convenient option. Unfortunately, we don’t support this very functionality at the moment, but maybe our other chat apps could be a solution for you as well:

Anyways, we’ll try to consider your request in the future, I’ll keep you updated in this thread :slight_smile:

And welcome to the Elfsight community! Great to have you with us :slight_smile:

Would be cool to get an CHAT GPT Application

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@j111 cannot but agree, thanks a lot for sharing! :slight_smile:

I’ve moved your request to another thread with a similar idea, and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on the news :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!

A chat Bot connected by google email. A way to connect google spreadsheets and get a email when someone sends an support ticket through the chat on the website.

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Thank you for the details, @Ethan!

I guess I’ll share this thread with our devs — who knows, maybe it’s no big deal to build :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you in the loop!

make a chat gpt plugin for website


@Fray_Way welcome to the community, and thank you for your comment!

I see that this request is gathering pace here, and it would be really interesting to know the use-cases you need GPT chat widget for :slight_smile:

@all could you please share your use-cases so that we have a bigger picture of what exactly you’d love such a widget to do? Thank you!

I have ideas for simple input tools with answers provided by ChatGPT, I just don’t have the tech knowledge (or time to learn!) to implement them.

So, for example, (and I pulled this directly from the OpenAI API Quickstart Guide) You have a Superhero Pet themed website, the user inputs what animal their pet is, Submits, and display results for superhero pet names.

I have many ideas where this could help make my website more interactive!

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@Kate4 lovely, thanks a lot for sharing! :clap:t2:

Guys, I’d love to say that we’ve taken a first step in this direction — we’ve implemented a full-on Elfsight AI Form Generator in our Form Builder!

Feel free to find more in this post: Meet Elfsight AI Form Generator! 🔥

Your feedback will be most appreciated! :pray:t2:

I would LOVE to have an AI chatbot on my website so that I could train it to answer customer questions and requests. It would also be necessary for it to capture email addresses and sync with Mailchimp.

For example, a customer would have to input their name and email address in order to begin the conversation with the AI. Then they would ask questions about pricing, service options, etc and converse with the AI.

Training the AI would be necessary so that it can learn how to behave.

So to recap:
**1. AI chatbot embeddable on website.
2. Train the AI to behave in specific ways related to the business and brand.
3. Have the AI capture email address and name from customer.

I’m sure there are more things that would be great, but these are the top 3 for me. There are lots of other apps that support this, it would be great for Elfsight to implement something too!

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@Oliver_Wassef thank you so much for sharing your idea and use case!

I got you, and I really love the scenario! I’m not sure that we’ll be able to start working on an AI chatbot in the near future, but your feedback and ideas are very much welcome :slight_smile:

Our devs need to know your wishes and use cases, so never hesitate to vote for the requests you love and leave your comments.

I however hope that we’ll give it a go eventually, I’ll make sure to keep you in the loop.

Thanks a lot for your help, and welcome to the community! Happy to have you with us :hugs:

Would love to have an AI chatbot utilizing ChatGPT for automated customer service on the website

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Thanks a lot for your comment, @user1337!

Got you, and I second the idea to train ChatGPT to communicate with clients. Let’s hope we’ll make it one day!

Hey @Helga , I would also like to talk about a use case that made us want a widget that gives us the opportunity to access the chats that can be created with ChatGTP 4.

We are currently working on this project and are looking for ways to get the community to help tell the story of the planet Emrium through interaction.
Hopefully the video explains the project well enough.

How should the widget work:
Each GTP chat created can be trained with information that the AI will incorporate into each subsequent response.
we Using Chat GTP 4 to create a wide variety of rooms and train the AI.
It would be a dream if Elfsight could provide a widget where input is made via the widget, which is integrated into the relevant elements on the website.
Creating a world is an insane challenge but we are convinced that this idea is a logical conclusion, with the help of ChatGTP to get more input or feedback from visitors on various platforms like in this example of a website.

Here is the website

, we use maintenance-free systems and AI to work with the website and create material:

  • text to speech
  • AI image video editing
  • AI sound producing
  • AI Community Page
  • Human Avatar
    It’s all about fun, and at the same time we learn how to use artificial intelligence while playing

OpenVerse AI Project Crafting Infinite Realities

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@Dirk Hi Dirk, my apologies for the delay! I just wanted to draw special attention to your comment and give a decent reply :slight_smile:

Indeed, your idea sounds smart and rather complex I must say! Am I right that you’d love to install different widgets to collect info from your website visitors? Gather all the info in one place, so to speak?

If so, how would you use the collected info further?

Thank you for sharing, Dirk! :clap:t2:

I would too love this, When is it planned for? Otherwise I will have to code my on variation of this

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@Minesh_Patel happy to see you on the forum, welcome! :wave:t2:

Many thanks for supporting this idea! Unfortunately, we haven’t started working on the ChatGPT widget yet, so I’m afraid I don’t have any ETA at this point :frowning:

But could you please describe your idea of using such a widget on your website? It would be awesome to study your use case!

No need to code your own, you can do it with Writesonic for a fair price. Many other softwares do this too, surprise that elfsight hasn’t built an Ai widget like this yet.

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