Change views count logic for floating widgets installed on all pages

Hi, I have noticed bits are increasing my view count. Is it possible to add some logic to the view counts to disregard bots? Using captcha or other methods?

This is providing inaccurate numbers to elfsight, so my usage keeps running out…

Unlikely to be resolved as more views = more money, but it’s annoying that it’s triggered.

I am aware how your widgets are triggered (per widget load), so please don’t point me to your documentation… The widgets should only be triggered by real users…


Hey there @user4007

Excited to see you’ve made a choice to join us, welcome :tada:

First, I’d like to let you know that we’ve moved our users to a new dashboard where we don’t count views from website scrapers.

I’ve checked your account and noticed that you’re using a floating Cookie Consent widget that installed on all pages. Every time this widget code loads on a page, it counts as one view. This is probably why your view count has increased so quickly.

I recommend you to check our article describing possible reasons that may affect the speed of views counting - Why my views have gone so fast.

Also, I have to mention that Google Analytics and other tools count views differently than us, that’s why there will be incoherence between their statistics and Elfsight’s one.

If you’re still certain that there’s a huge divergence, please send us your pageviews statistics. We’ll try our best to find out what’s happening there :slightly_smiling_face:

If I don’t add it to my footer component, then it wouldn’t trigger if someone visited via any page other than my home page.

You’d need to add it to every page, and display conditionally based on if they have accepted cookies or not.

But it seems your logic is, triggers the widget calls then checks if the user has consented before, then displays if required. So you view count increases regardless of user requiring the widget.

But it should in reality be, page loads > checks user needs widget displayed > triggers displaying the widget if needed. This would not trigger a “view” then for users that don’t need the widget.

The thing is that each widget load puts a strain on our servers. So, even if the user has already seen and closed the widget, and moved to another page, the code keeps loading, thus continuing to put this strain on our servers.

That’s why, at the moment, it still counts as a new view, so that we can maintain this pressure.

However, your idea is very interesting, and we will consult with the dev team to determine if it can be implemented technically. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

A million thanks for sharing your feedback with us!