Banner Widget - Issues with Button element

Hello Team, I am trying to create and use banner widgets for our Hotel Booking engines.
Example here:

And when creating and editing the banners, it seems the Button elements cannot be edited in Size or anything, just color radius and text. But not the size or padding. And also, I have a second button on my banner and the hyperlink on it does not work either.

Help? Is this a Banner Widget issue?

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I just checked Banner Widget. You should able to edit button size, color…
If you still have problem, you try contacting Elfsight support first.

With padding, not sure, It looks like Elfsight doesn’t support this. You can add this CSS code to adjust padding (I checked this code on my demo site)

div[class*="eapps-banner"] button>span {
    padding: 20px 40px !important;

If it doesn’t work on your site, please share link to page where you use banner, we can check easier.

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Hello, thank you for the post!
Unfortunately, there was a temporary bug with our Banner widget, however, everything should work just fine now.

Could you please let me know if everything’s alright on your end now?

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Tuan, thank you so much for your help! :raised_hands:t2: