Is it possible to add the announcement bar to my Squarespace website

Im not sure where else to put this - im sorry! But i LOVE the announcement bar so much! I cant use it however because it actually covers the header of my website :weary: my native Squarespace announcement bar (which isnt nearly as nice) sits itself atop my logo and header and works better. I dont know if this is even something you can fix though! And totally fine if not :face_holding_back_tears:

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Hi @Brooke_Weber :wave:

I am terribly sorry for the delayed reply!

I am beyond thrilled to hear that you like our new app. Thank you so much for your awesome feedback :heart:

Could you please share a link to your website? I’ll be happy to check things for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Max!

Thanks so much. Is it possible to send you a screenshot instead maybe? I don’t want to install the Elfsight banner as it isn’t as nice or functional as the native squarespace one I have. But I would love to have this resolved as I would love to use the Elfsight banner in the future.

If a screenshot doesn’t work, I’ll change it long enough for you to sneak a peek at it and change it right back hopefully quickly!

Thanks again,

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I got your point!

However, seeing a screenshot wouldn’t be enough to fix the issue. If you could install the widget to your website or test page, we would be extremely grateful :pray:

Totally understood! The test page was a great idea – I made one, and it seems that it’s working alright now. I wonder if maybe that’s because I have a banner on my site now so it’s making space for the banner I install.

Either way… seems resolved for now, but I’ll keep in touch if I run into any issues again!

Thanks so much Max! Have a great week ahead.

No sweat!

Have a great week too :wink: